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Where To Stay In Lombok – The Best of Indonesia

Lombok, an Indonesian gem located east of Bali, is starting to get attention and attract more travellers. As Bali is getting increased complaints about the traffic and crowds, you hear a lot of travellers feel the magic of the island is fading. Those seeking a quieter yet equally beautiful option, look no further. Here you'll find amazing spots like Mount Rinjani, Gili islands, Bukit Merese and the pink beach of Lombok.

In this guide we will explore the best places to stay in Lombok, the highlights and our stay recommendations to help you plan and have the best time on your visit.

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How to get to Lombok?

Most people who visit Lombok are from Bali. You can book a flight to Denpasar, Bali and take a ferry to Lombok. We suggest you start with the Gili islands as several boats come here from Bali and then continue onwards to mainland Lombok.

If you want to fly straight to Lombok, that is entirely possible as they have an accessible airport. Getting to your hotel, airport taxis are available but we recommend taking Grab so you don't have to haggle with prices. Make sure you equip yourself with the best apps and useful tips travelling around Southeast Asia.

1. Gili Islands

Why Stay Here?

If you're visiting from Bali, it makes sense to visit the Gili Islands on your way to the main island. Both Serangan and Padang Bai port connects to the Gili Islands, and will be most traveler's introduction to Lombok island. Read more about Gili T island here.

Located just off the north-west coast of Lombok, the Gili Islandsโ€”Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Airโ€”offer a tropical paradise with crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and a relaxed island vibe. If you're looking for luxury resorts, developed tourism infrastructure and excellent diving and snorkeling tours, do not miss out on these incredible islands.


Each island has its unique charm, catering to different types of travelers:

  • Gili Trawangan - Known for its nightlife and social scene. Read more from our Guide to Gili T.
  • Gili Meno - Perfect for couples seeking a romantic and peaceful getaway.
  • Gili Air - A balance between the lively atmosphere of Gili T and the tranquility of Gili Meno.

Where to stay in the Gili Islands:

2. Senggigi

Why Stay Here?

The Gili islands are connected to the mainland with Bangsal Pier, which will be your gateway to mainland Lombok. From the pier, Senggigi is a short drive away. Featuring several kilometers of beach front just outside the capital of the island, Senggigi is a popular destination not to be missed.

Senggigi is one of Lombokโ€™s main tourist hubs, offering a mix of beautiful beaches, nightlife and dining options. Itโ€™s perfect for first-time visitors who want to experience the best of Lombok with ease. The area features excellent beaches for swimming and surfing, great shopping and restaurants, and many picturesque resorts.

From Senggigi or from Kuta, you can also visit spots like Sembalun, Sendang Gile, Tiu Kelep, Gili Petelu and Pink Beach or the Gili islands, if you haven't already.


  • Senggigi Beach - Ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and spectacular sunsets.
  • Dining and Nightlife - Numerous restaurants and bars. For a better experience, find dining spot by the beachside for dinner.
  • Accessibility - Close to the islandโ€™s main port and well-connected to other parts of Lombok.

Where to stay in Senggigi:

3. Kuta

Why Stay Here?

Kuta, on the southern coast of Lombok, is a haven for surfers and beach lovers. With its several stunning coastlines and relaxed vibe, itโ€™s a favorite among adventure seekers and those looking to unwind.

Kuta is an incredible surf town and a tourist hub. With plenty of natural beauty to explore, affordable prices of commodities and stays, it is no wonder it is attracting all types of travellers. Also, you'll see one of the best sunsets of your life when visiting Bukit Merese.


Where to stay in Kuta:

4. Tetebatu

Why Stay Here?

Tetebatu, situated on the slopes of Mount Rinjani, offers a different side of Lombok with its lush greenery, picturesque rice fields, and traditional way of life. Itโ€™s perfect for travelers who want to immerse themselves in nature and local traditions.

To experience the countryside of Indonesia along with the true traditional Sasak lifestyle, visit Tetebatu. It's a quiet and serene village in the part of the island that's surrounded with natural beauty.


Where to stay in Tetebatu:

5. Tanjung

Why Stay Here?

Tanjung is a resort village located in northern Lombok island. It's an upscale area of Lombok and, apart from a few resorts here and there, the unspoiled region boasts some of the best landscapes on the island. It serves as an excellent homebase as you visit the waterfalls, beaches and mountainous landscapes in the northern part of the island.

At the base of this volcanic mountain, Sendang Gile, Tiu Kelep, and Mangku Sakti Waterfalls can be found. Take a trip to Sembalun, the Arabica coffee growing region of Lombok, as it offers some picturesque rice terraces, and temples such as Pura Penataran Agung Rinjani. This region is perfect for a less touristy and more nature-focused getaway.

Sunset at the coast of Tanjung, Lombok


  • Unwind and relax- Luxury resorts offer a perfect place to relax, observe the nature and enjoy a spa.
  • Lombok Wildlife Park- This wildlife sanctuary gets you up close and personal with elephants and monkeys.
  • Beaches and Mount Rinjani- Sire Beach and Lokok Piko Beach are the sandy highlights. If you have not seen Mount Rinjani from Tetebatu, set off for your hike here.

Where to stay in Tanjung:

Final Thoughts:

Lombokโ€™s diverse regions offer something for every type of traveler, from the bustling beaches of Senggigi and Kuta to the serene landscapes of Tetebatu and Tanjung. Whether youโ€™re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, these five areas provide the perfect base for exploring this Indonesian paradise.

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Safe travels!

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