Your Guide to Niagara Wineries with Visa Infinite Benefits (2024)
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Your Guide to Niagara Wineries with Visa Infinite Benefits (2024)

Niagara wineries tours are some of the best in Canada, and perhaps the world. With your Visa Infinite card, you have access to Visa Infinite benefits that offer big savings on tours and tastings. We heroically visited them all to put together this map and highlight all the best deals on Niagara winery tours.

Visa Infinite Benefits

If you follow our blog in any way, you may already hold one or more Visa Infinite cards, and you should certainly be taking advantage of the many benefits the card may offer. Check if the front of your card says "Visa Infinite" on it, which is common for Visa cards with an annual fee. If so, you're entitled to some incredible winery benefits in Canada, including the Niagara region, Prince Edward county and the Okanagan Valley in BC. We would like to share our experience and recommendations on how to have an amazing long weekend in beautiful Niagara.

Map of Niagara wineries with Visa Infinite benefits, for tastings and tours.
This Niagara Winery map highlights 12 vineyards with Visa Infinite benefits for tastings and tours.

1. Flat Rock Cellars

2 for 1 tastings, $20 for 4 wines per person, Monday-Friday only
Flat Rock Cellars has perhaps the best view from the guesthouse of any winery we visited. It's an elevated house with an outdoor patio, looking down over the winery and small pond. The wines are excellent as well, specializing in Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Riesling.

Flat Rock Cellars winery with Visa Infinite wine country benefits.

2. Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery

2 for 1 tastings, $15 after-tax for 3 wines per person
Sue-Ann is a smaller boutique winery has outdoor garden seating with an outdoor kitchen for lunch or snacks. Famous for Ice-wines, you’ll also find award-winning Pinot Gris, Riesling, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Baco Noir and Sparkling. Six incredible wines for $15 after tax - certainly one of our favourite Visa Infinite benefits.

Sue-Ann Staff Estate winery with Visa Infinite wine country benefits.

3. Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery

2 for 1 tastings, $15 after-tax for 3 wines per person
Henry of Pelham's 300-acre vineyard is on a beautiful estate and is certainly among our favourites. Their wines are excellent with a wide variety of styles. After our tastings we usually visit their cellar and take a bottle of our favourite home.

Henry of Pelham winery with Visa Infinite wine country benefits.

4. Trius Winery & Restaurant

2 for 1 tour, $45
Trius is a very well known winery in the region, and for good reason. The tour covers the estate, vineyard and cellars with included tastings, and also highlights a number of art installations with plenty of opportunities to take photos. It's self-proclaimed to be the most Instagrammable wine tour in the region, and we certainly would agree with this assessment.

5. Wayne Gretzky Estates

2 for 1 tour, $39
Wayne Gretzky has a beautiful estate, offering a tour containing information and tastings of the beer and whisky production on site, in addition to its vineyard. If you visit in the winter, they have a skating rink that is free to use, where we watched skaters while enjoying our free Tim Hortons coffee and hot chocolate. It doesn't get any more Canadian than that.

Wayne Gretzky Estates winery with Visa Infinite wine country benefits.

6. Hinterbrook Estate Winery

Buy two tasting flights for $15 each, get a free Riesling bottle
The tasting flights offer two choices, either five wines from a pre-selected menu or three premium wines of your choice. We opted for one of each and thoroughly enjoyed them all.

7. Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate

2 for 1 tastings, $25 for 3 wines per person
Jackson-Triggs is another one of the more famous wineries in Niagara region, with a beautiful vineyard and wedding venue. As there were no events the day we visited, we were able to stroll around the property and enjoy the summer breeze. Regular price wine tastings are $25 + tax for 4 wines and when using the Visa Infinite Benefits they offer 3 wines per person. This is a higher price than other deals on this list but Jackson-Triggs lovers should still consider a visit.

Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate winery with Visa Infinite wine country benefits.

8. Stratus Vineyards

2 for 1 tastings, $20 for 4 wines per person
Stratus has a very comfortable back patio overlooking the vineyard where we enjoyed our wine tastings. We had excellent service and were educated about each wine that we were offered. The wines were incredible and we'd certainly return for many more visits.

Stratus Vineyards winery with Visa Infinite wine country benefits, Niagara.

9. Peller Estates Winery and Restaurant

2 for 1 tour, $45
Peller's Greatest Winery Tour was a wonderful experience, as we were treated with four different wines while touring across several different locations around the property. The highlight of the tour is visiting the Icewine cellar - an entire room made of ice where you taste their famous Icewines. You keep the tasting glass as a souvenir and an added bonus to this tour.

Peller Estates winery with Visa Infinite wine country benefits, Niagara.

10. Inniskillin Wines

2 for 1 tastings, $25 for 4 wines per person
Inniskillin has a beautiful property along the Niagara river. They made history when they received the first winery license in Ontario after prohibition, and have been internationally recognized for their Vidal Icewine. We enjoyed our wine tasting in their beautiful patio then touring around their vineyard.

Inniskillin winery with Visa Infinite wine country benefits, Niagara.

11. Thirty Bench Wine Makers

2 for 1 tastings, $27 for 4 pre-selected wines per person, or $37 for 4 wines from a premium selection
Thirty Bench has a beautiful property, and offered excellent service with information about the vineyard and each glass that was poured. We opted for the premium wine selection, so we could taste 8 different wines, and they poured an additional one for us free of charge. While this winery was more expensive, those who enjoy small-lot, boutique Niagara wineries will thoroughly enjoy Thirty Bench.

Thirty Bench winery with Visa Infinite wine country benefits, Niagara.

12. Hidden Bench Estate Winery

2 for 1 tour, $75
Although we did not do this tour due to the cost, the tour is highly rated and includes 6 tastings along with the visits to the cellar and vineyards. Those from Toronto or Hamilton who want a Niagara winery tour experience without a long drive will find the location convenient.

Niagara Wineries Takeaways

Simply show your Visa Infinite card at the Niagara winery to receive the benefit
• Tastings do not need to be reversed unless in a large party; winery tours must be booked in advance
• Many Niagara wineries are open year-round for tastings
• Three wineries per day was our magic number, or two if you're hoping to spend time exploring other attractions in the area. Our map highlights a few other things to see in Niagara region (blue circles).
• Some wineries provided excellent information on the wines and estate along with each pour, while at other locations you may have to ask. We'd highly recommend asking about the wine styles and the history of the estate as it certainly enhances the experience, and your appreciation for the wine.

Where to Stay near Niagara Wineries

There's three locations which we'd recommend staying, dependent on which wineries you plan to see and if you're hoping to see Niagara Falls or other attractions.

St. Catherines

Staying in St. Catherines is by far the most affordable option, and it's also quite central. We visited from Toronto, which allowed us to visit the vineyards west of the city along our drive, while seeing Niagara-On-The-Lake on our full days in the region. This Best Western is a strong option as it comes with free breakfast. 


NOTL is a charming historic city and is truly the capital of the Niagara wine region. You will not find many hotel chains here, rather boutique hotels. The Weatherpine Inn is a beautiful property in a great, central location. 

Niagara Falls

Niagara wineries tours may be just a side-trip from a visit to Niagara Falls. If you plan to see the falls and the many other attractions in the city like Clifton Hill and the casinos, at least one night here is certainly warranted. The Tower Hotel offers some impressive views of Horseshoe Falls and the Niagara river.

So, there you have it - the top 12 Niagara wineries tours where you can maximize your Visa Infinite benefits in Canada. We hope that you can visit this summer and have as much fun as we did! Cheers!