Discovery Shores Boracay Review: A Luxury Paradise
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Discovery Shores Boracay Review: A Luxury Paradise

Boracay, known for its beautiful beaches, is home to an luxurious gem โ€“ Discovery Shores Boracay. Located at Station 1, this award-winning hotel stands out among the beachfront hotels - defining luxury and tranquility in this tropical paradise.

In this review, we will aim to help you explore the different highlights and amenities of this hotel, guest ratings, pros and cons to help you decide if this accommodation is right for you.

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Discovery Shores Boracay Ratings & Reviews:


Located directly on the shores of several kilometers of white sand beach, the location of Discovery Shores Boracay is excellent. It is suitable for both a staycation and exploration of the island. The section of beach is excellent, as itโ€™s quieter and more pristine than the busier beaches in the other stations. With the mountains in the background, the landscape is even more scenic.

It is a 5-minute walk from Willyโ€™s Rock, a scenic rock formation popular for swimming and watching the sunset. This is also where many snorkelling and sunset tours depart from, which will allow you to bypass additional transportation to your tours. The walking street along the shore offers excellent nightlife and dining options. 

Here are some of the things to do around Discovery Shores Boracay:

  • Sunset Paraw Sailing - You can charter a paraw (traditional boat) to sail at sunset and see Boracay in a different perspective. Before sunset, you can visit two islands - Crystal Cove and Magic Island.
  • Parasailing - Now don't get this one confused with the above. You and/or your friends can participate in this thrilling activity and enjoy the views of the stunning coast of Boracay.
  • Island Hopping - If you want to visit surrounding islands like Crystal Cove and Magic Island, nearby beaches such as Puka Beach and Balinghai Beach, this tour is perfect for you.
  • Luxury Day Spa - If you want to complete your premium holiday in this tropical paradise, indulge yourself in an award-winning luxury spa experience.
  • Dip and Dine - At Station X, you can enjoy dining and entertainment - a mini vacation from vacation. The entrance fee includes consumables that you can use to buy food and drinks in their restaurant. They also have games such as beer pong, billiards and more.
  • Attraction Pass - You can avail of this Pass and mix and match different activities from Paraw sailing and island hopping to ATV and Jet-ski experiences. The best thing is, you can choose to do activities in different days.
Willy's rock is easily accessible from Discovery Shores Boracay


Discovery Shores Boracay is highly-rated for cleanliness. They offer daily housekeeping as well. The rooms are spacious and the beds are comfortable.

Free breakfast

The incredible breakfast selection offered complimentary each day is an excellent way to start each morning. We loved being able to sample local food, fresh fruits, while also having access to our favourite foods from back home.

Sustainable tourism

The resort actively participates in environmental initiatives, making conscious efforts to preserve the natural beauty of Boracay.


The staff go above and beyond to meet your needs and ensure you have an unforgettable time. They are warm, friendly and dedicated to excellent service. They truly made us feel special and appreciated during our stay.

Online reviews

Discovery Shores Boracay sits highly-rated from online reviews. It is currently, 9.1 on Agoda, 8.9 on and 9.4 on Expedia with everyone commending and exceptional stay, seamless transfers and an unforgettable vacation.


The accommodations at Discovery Shores Boracay are nothing short of spectacular. This 99-suite luxury resort boasts spacious living space overlooking the waters of the Sulu Sea with comfortable and cozy beds. The rooms are tastefully decorated, combining modern amenities with traditional Filipino touches.

Top 3 recommendations:

Junior Suite

Can be equipped with two double beds or a king size bed depending on your needs. Also comes with a lounge-bed if staying with a third person.

Two Bedroom Suite Premier

A 2-level suite with 2 separate bedrooms, wide living space, glass windows overlooking the waters and a jacuzzi on the first level.

Grand Signature Suite

One of the signature suites that offers a grand living area and a suite balcony with ocean views and lounge pool. This accommodation also gives you access to Guest Experience Makers (GEMS).

Discovery Shores Boracay Amenities

Free round-trip airport shuttle

Inclusive of the price you will pay is the hassle-free transfers from Caticlan airport (which is located on another island!).

Beachfront stay

The resort's prime location along White Beach provides convenient access to Boracay's vibrant scene. You can explore the local market, engage in water sports, or simply unwind on the iconic shores, making every moment a memorable part of your island adventure.

coastline of Discovery Shores Boracay

Outdoor Pool

Next to the Sands Restaurant, you can unwind at the poolside bar or relax in the Jacuzzi. Your kids can enjoy the shallow kidโ€™s pool with inflatable toys, making it a perfect family vacation.

Spa and Wellness Center

Find tranquility and serenity in The Terra Wellness Spa. The soothing elements of this spa inspired by traditional Filipino healing practices will help you rejuvenate from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Fitness Center

The resort's fitness center is equipped with high-quality exercise equipment. From cardiovascular machines to strength training equipment, guests can engage in a well-rounded workout with a view of the tropical surroundings, making every exercise session a revitalizing experience.


One of the standout features of Discovery Shores is its commitment to culinary excellence featuring 6 restaurants and bars. Each offering a unique gastronomic experience:

  • Sands Restaurant, with its beachfront setting, offers delectable local and international dishes.
  • The fresh seafood, best paired with wine, elevates your dining experience in Indigo.
  • Have a taste of Sicily and enjoy a brick oven baked pizza, grilled steaks and charcuterie platter at Forno Osteria.
  • Elevate your dining experience at the 360ยฐ Lounge on the rooftop where you can get panoramic views of Boracay Island. You can enjoy a cocktail from the pool deck, relax in a hammock or take a dip in the Jacuzzi or infinity lounge pool while watching the sunset.

Other Amenities

You can stay connected with your loved ones or show your beautiful experience on social media while enjoying the free WiFi. You can also take advantage of the concierge service to help you personalize activities such as water sports and island-hopping adventures. Let your kids enjoy the Sandbox kidโ€™s room with various activities and games. Discovery Shores also offers laundry service, gift shop and a game room.

Discovery Shores Boracay Rating, Pros and Cons:

Without question, we would rate this award-winning property 5 stars. As we would like to be transparent in the review of this beautiful place, here are some pros and cons you might like to consider:


  • Luxurious accommodations with attention to detail. Rooms equipped with various amenities.
  • Convenient and hassle-free round-trip airport transfers.
  • Culinary excellence with diverse dining options.
  • Exceptional spa experience at Terra Wellness.
  • Commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism.


  • Premium pricing may not be suitable for budget-conscious travellers.
  • High demand during peak seasons may result in limited availability.


Discovery Shores Boracay is a luxury gem in the tropical setting of Boracay. Its combination of world-class amenities, exceptional service and dedication to sustainable practices make it a standout choice for travellers. Without a doubt, this resort has earned its place among the finest in Boracay, offering an unforgettable experience that will resonate with guests long after they leave its shores.

Make sure to check availability and ask for special requests if you're celebrating a special occasion. We hope you enjoy your luxurious stay.

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