Amex Cobalt Card – The Best Travel Card in Canada
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Amex Cobalt Card – The Best Travel Card in Canada

The AMEX Cobalt card is simply the best card in Canada for maximizing your day-to-day expenses to earn travel points.

The Cobalt Card gives strong perks and the best earning rate on your everyday spending in the country. Best of all, you're earning the best points currency in Canada - AMEX Membership Rewards.

Membership Reward points are so sought-after by travel hackers since savvy individuals can easily redeem them for flights around the world. Keep reading to see how you can earn, redeem and maximize the benefits of the American Express Cobalt Card.

Free flight booked using AMEX Cobalt Card's benefits.

Section 1: The Power of Points

1.1 Flexible Rewards

The Amex Cobalt Card offers a unique Membership Rewards program, providing users with the flexibility to redeem points across various travel partners, including airlines and hotels. Simply transfer your Amex points to an airline of your choice, and redeem for a free flight.

AMEX MR points can be transferred to many airline partners: Air Canada Aeroplan, Air France / KLM Flying Blue, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, British Airways Avios, Delta Skymiles, and Etihad Guest.

They also can be transferred to two hotel partners: Hilton Honors and Marriott Bonvoy.

Free Hilton resort stay on the beach, using AMEX Cobalt points.
Free night stay at Hilton La Romana, Dominican Republic

1.2 Earning

The AMEX Cobalt Card has the best earning rate in the country. Each point is worth 2-3 cents when spent on travel, which means all your grocery store or restaurant spending is effectively at a 10-15% discount!

You'll earn 5x points per dollar spent on food, 3x for streaming subscription, 2x for travel and 1x for everything else. There is an additional welcome bonus of 15,000 AMEX points in your first year, enough for a free flight within North America.

For example, if your household spends $500 per month on grocery and restaurants per month, this adds up to 2,500 points per month, or $900 in value per year in travel points. This can be enough for a round-trip flight for an annual vacation.

1.3 Spending Your Hard-Earned Points

Without any additional effort, you'll find that this card may earn you enough points for a free flight every year. Most Canadians will use Air Canada as their airline of choice, so we will focus on Aeroplan in our example.

After earning your Membership Rewards points, log into your AMEX account and start the transfer to your Aeroplan account. Within minutes you'll have access to your Aeroplan points. Through the Aeroplan website, you can perform a flight search while selecting "book with points". We found this direct flight from Toronto to Saint Lucia for only 11,900 points, or a flight from Vancouver to Hawaii for only 9,400 points!

Amex Cobalt Card got us a nearly-free flight from Toronto to Saint Lucia on Air Canada Aeroplan.
Amex Cobalt Card got us a nearly-free flight from Vancouver to Hawaii on Air Canada Aeroplan.

We typically do not recommend using AMEX MR on hotels. A free night at a hotel worth $200 is often the same points-cost as a free round-trip flight worth $1000. If you want free hotel stays, you're much better off holding the Marriott Bonvoy AMEX card.

Section 2: Exclusive Travel Benefits of AMEX Cobalt Card

2.1 Travel Insurance

Explore the comprehensive travel insurance coverage that comes with the Amex Cobalt Card, ensuring peace of mind on your journeys - even if your trip was essentially free. From trip cancellation protection to emergency medical coverage, this card has you covered.

2.2 The Hotel Collection

Through the AMEX Travel Portal, you have access to deals at luxury hotels around the world. Stay two or more nights at and receive a complimentary room upgrade, as well as a $100 USD hotel credit to use on spa, dining and other activities charged to the room.

2.3 Mobile Coverage

For a mobile device purchased on your AMEX Cobalt Card, receive coverage up to $1000 in the event of theft, loss or accidental damage, anywhere in the world. This coverage extends for 2 years.

This is an extension of the Purchase Protection benefit, which all your eligible purchases is covered from theft and accidental damage for 90 day.

2.4 American Express Experiences & Offers

You will receive exclusive offers for concert, restaurants and special events, giving you exclusive access before public sales go live.

Additionally you will receive offers throughout the year in your app - for example we recently got $50 in gas credits and $25 off our groceries which helps offset the annual fee.

Air Canada flight booked through Aeroplan, transfer partner of AMEX Cobalt Card membership rewards points.

Section 3: Our Travel Hacking Success Stories

3.1 Personal Experiences

We've held this card for several years now, and have earned tens of thousands of points and redeemed for numerous trips. In 2023 alone we saved over $25,000 on travel - check out our blog post to see the details.

Two of our favourite trips was to Crete, Greece and Coron, Philippines.

Free flight to Palawan, Philippines booked using AMEX Cobalt Card.

Section 4: Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Rewards

4.1 Optimal Usage Strategies of the AMEX Cobalt Card

Be sure to keep an eye out on potential food and grocery spending, and always use your AMEX Cobalt Card for the massive 5x earning rate. As mentioned, you can consider all your spending in this category to effectively be at a 10-15% discount.

Savvy points-earners may be aware that many grocery stores sell gift cards for Amazon, Airbnb, and gas stations. More of your daily purchases earning 5 points per dollar means getting free flights sooner.

AMEX Cobalt Card Final Thoughts:

The American Express Cobalt Card has undeniably earned its reputation as the ultimate travel hacking companion. Its unmatched flexibility, exclusive benefits, and rewarding points system make it a standout choice for those looking to elevate their travel experiences without breaking the bank. Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery with the Amex Cobalt Card? Click here to see the latest offer.

Disclaimer: The card comes with a $12.99 monthly fee which must be considered in your calculations. Profiting from travel hacking is only possible for those who are organized and responsible enough to pay off their full statement balance each month. Credit cards can be an excellent tool to save you money, but can be equally dangerous when used irresponsibly.

Be sure to check out our list of Best Travel Credit Cards in Canada. If you're just getting into the travel hacking game, our guide is an excellent resource to learn from.

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  1. I have this card and I use it for my family’s grocery shopping so I get 5x the points. I then use the points to transfer to airlines to book a vacation! Love that it’s flexible!

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