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Thank you for visiting - we're Brad and Joy, a young travel couple based out of Canada. We're turning travel into a lifestyle rather than a hobby.

Having freedom to travel as a couple is our goal, but we want to remain financially conscious. This way we can make this a life-long passion, rather than being just a phase of our lives. Everyone should strive to work less, travel more, and enjoy life to its fullest potential.

I believe we're exemplifying that a more fulfilling life is possible. We have been seeing some unbelievable natural beauty chasing waterfalls, sunsets, capturing wildlife, and experiencing things we never would when living a 'normal' life. Travel hacking has allowed us to travel the majority of the year while still achieving our financial goals. And we're loving the journey along the way.

Check out the resources and strategy we use to travel so that you too can book these more adventurous trips without breaking the bank. We love hearing from other travellers and travel couples that they've booked their first free flight.

We aim to bring you professional guides on how to see the best of each country, eliminating the timely travel planning phase and ensure you get the most out of each dollar.

Regardless if you want to step into this lifestyle, or you simply want to begin earning points to fly and stay for free with some added luxury, we hope you can join our community and follow us on our journey.

Check out our 2023 travel savings blog so you can travel more in 2024!

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Travel couple in Rio Celeste Waterfall, Costa Rica

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